The LEGALE law firm run by legal advisor Joanna Toruniewska provides legal services for business and individual clients.
The LEGALE specializes in representing clients in proceedings before common and arbitration courts, negotiating and reviewing contracts in the field of civil and commercial law, as well as advising on minimizing the risk of contractual liability. We have extensive experience in conducting legal audits and reorganization of capital groups. We have - an in-depth knowledge in areas related to the processing and protection of personal data as well as ensuring compliance of the company's operations with the law, guidelines or market practices (legal compliance). We are focused on delivery of comprehensive legal services for corporate clients. In this respect, we have competences that allow us to carry out even the most demanding projects, including those with an international scope.
The leading legal counsel Joanna Toruniewska is a graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Jagiellonian University. In 2012, she accomplished her legal advisor training and was entered on the list of legal advisors of the District Chamber of Legal Advisers in Krakow. For over 10 years, she worked in an international company EY, including the last 6 years in the law firm Ernst & Young Law Tałasiewicz, Zakrzewska i Wspólnicy sp.k. She participated in a number of demanding legal projects, cooperating with clients from many countries, being a member of international and multidisciplinary teams made up of experts of various professions (lawyers, tax advisors, financial advisors, auditors). Thanks to these experiences, she looks at the needs of business from a broad perspective, noticing the whole spectrum of issues that should be taken into account in the course of providing legal services. Her goal is to provide the Client with the highest quality service guaranteeing meeting his business objectives and full legal security.

Meeting business goals and full legal security




Contractual law

  • preparation, reviewing and negotiating agreements, contracts, settlements, letters of intent;
  • preparation and reviewing of general terms of contracts, regulations, templates of contracts;
  • adjusting general terms and conditions of contracts and standard forms drawn up under foreign law to the requirements of the Polish law;
  • support in effective securing of commercial transactions while respecting and understanding business intentions (support in the selection and establishment of appropriate securities: promissory note, pledge and registered pledge, mortgage, bank guarantee, guarantee, etc.);
  • support in making changes to contracts (modification of the scope and terms of the contract, change of the parties to the contract, transfer of rights and obligations of contracts to other entities);
  • assistance in terminating the contract, withdrawing from the contract or establishing non-existence of the contract.


  • support in identifying and assessing legal risks regarding the business activity of the company and its members;
  • conducting legal audits of companies in terms of compliance of their operations with the law and the impact of undertaken actions on the scope of personal responsibility of management board members;
  • preparation and reviewing the compliance documentation (including non-competition agreements, confidentiality agreements, codes of ethics, anti-corruption policies, conflict of interest policies, whistleblowing policies, anti-mobbing and anti-discrimination policies);
  • conducting training in specific areas of law covered by the company's compliance system (including management responsibility, relations with competitors and counterparties, anti-money laundering, personal data protection, fraud prevention);
  • support of the management boards and other bodies of companies in fulfilling their obligations resulting from the law;
  • preparation of internal procedures limiting the risk of personal liability of members of the management board for the company's activities.

Personal data protection

  • preparation and support in the implementation of documentation and rules for the protection of personal data at administrators and entities processing personal data (including security policy, information clauses, clauses of consents for the processing of personal data, confidentiality statements);
  • verification of existing procedures for the protection of personal data, including their timeliness and compliance with the requirements of the GDPR;
  • preparation, reviewing and negotiating contracts for entrusting the processing of personal data;
  • legal support in the transfer of personal data outside the European Economic Area;
  • support in contacts with the General Inspector of Personal Data Protection;
  • preparation of legal opinions on the protection of personal data issues;
  • conducting training on legal requirements and risks related to the protection of personal data

Labour law

  • preparation, reviewing and negotiating contracts of employment, managerial contracts, non-competition agreements;
  • preparation and reviewing work regulations, remuneration regulations, regulations of the Company Social Benefits Fund, collective labor agreements;
  • support in employment restructuring processes (including individual and group redundancies, transition of workplaces, M & A transactions);
  • support in the employer's relations with trade unions, employee councils and other employee representations;
  • preparation of legal opinions in the field of labor law, including on mobbing and discrimination, material and disciplinary liability of employees, employee claims in the event of termination of employment, flexible forms of employment, protection of employees' privacy;
  • representation in court disputes in the field of labor law.

Dispute resolution

  • comprehensive support at the pre-litigation stage of dispute resolution (representation of clients in settlement discussions, preparation and evaluation of settlements and agreements);
  • analysis of legal grounds and available evidence in order to assess the legitimacy of claims and chances of success in court or arbitration proceedings;
  • representation of clients before common and arbitration courts in civil, commercial and labor law matters, as well as in disputes regarding real estate and construction investments;
  • representation of clients in security and enforcement proceedings.

Commercial companies law and corporate advisory

  • comprehensive support in the set up and registration of commercial law companies, branches, representative offices, foundations, associations, cooperatives;
  • advice on choosing the legal form of running a business;
  • preparation and servicing of meetings of companies’ and other business entities’ bodies;
  • preparation of corporate documentation (regulations, procedures, policies);
  • analysis of the legal status of enterprises (due diligence);
  • legal support in the sale and purchase of shares and stocks, enterprises and assets;
  • legal support in the process of mergers, demergers and transformations of companies;
  • ongoing legal support for companies, including the preparation, analyzing and negotiating contracts and legal support in the implementation of business projects;
  • support in the process of liquidation of companies and other business entities.


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